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The educational information in this site has been gathered from sources which are thought to be reliable such as : The Anxiety Disorder Association of America.  This educational information regarding anxiety disorders is not to replace treatment by a medical physician,  psychologist or psychiatrist.  The purpose of this site is to assist with the understanding, knowledge and resources for those suffering with anxiety disorders.  

Joe LaFrance
Joseph A. LaFrance, M.S.

is the Director and owner of LaFrance and Associates Counseling Services, providing expertise related to anxiety disorders. Panic attacks and agoraphobia.
Panic Attacks
Anxiety Disorders

If you are seeking help for Panic Attacks or Anxiety Disorders and you relate to some of the following conditions our programs may be of help to you.

Indecision, Social Fears, Loss of Confidence, Feeling of Unreality, Compulsive Thoughts, Related Depression, Fatigue, Nausea, Giddiness, Sweating Hands, Trembling, Sleeplessness, Hyperventilation, Weak legs, Chest Tightness, Lump in Throat, Band Around Head, Stomach Cramps, Fear of Flying, Fear of Heart Attack, Fear of Being Trapped, Fear of Being Alone, Fear of Elevators, Fear of Going Crazy, Fear of Bridges, Fear of Dying, Heart Phobias, Panic Attacks

These are only a few of the fears and physical body reactions to severe anxiety.

Reminder: Before therapy you must have a physical by a Physician  to rule out other disorders.
If you or someone you love suffers from panic attacks severe anxiety, phobias or similar problems and would like help Contact Us.

An Educational Approach Towards Counseling
We offer Phone Counseling.
LaFrance & Associates Counseling Services
is pleased to present...

the authorized TERRAP® Treatment Program. TERRAP is a highly successful psycho-educational treatment program for use with anxiety, panic attacks or agoraphobic disorders. The Program was originally developed by, nationally recognized Psychiatrist, Dr. Arthur B. Hardy in the 1970's and because of the astounding success rate of the TERRAP Program it has received world wide recognition and acclaim through the news media.

We also offer...

additional programs and consultation.  When the TERRAP® Program is not used, "Cognitive Desensitization"; and other treatments can be utilized for anxiety, panic attacks, or fears. LaFrance Counseling has over thirty years successful experience as an anxiety specialist and consultant and has developed a highly effective approach. Phone Counseling is available